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    13 years of experience helping businesses to find comprehensive solutions
    educational trainings in technical and non-technical field.

Skill Development/Training

With a variety of courses offered, this is where Cyberdiction Technologies excells.

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IT Products & Services

Cyberdiction Technologies provdies varied new and innovative web-based services.

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Technology Solutions

Cyberdiction offers reliable and cost effective manpower outsourcing services.

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Welcome To Cyberdiction Technologies

Cyberdiction specializes in designing and implementing tailor-made courses, training and internship programs, and exchanges for educators, students, business people, community leaders, and many others. Cyberdiction Technologies Pvt Ltd is an Edu-Tech company which provides Educational Trainings in Technical and Non-Technical domain.

As a centre for training in cutting-edge educational practices as well as continual professional development, we work collaboratively to create tools, platforms and environments for K-12 and higher education spaces, to make formal and informal learning experiences transformative, personal, playful and enabling. We believe that the rich learning experiences our programs offer can effect powerful and positive transformation in individuals, in their communities, and in their institutions.

Service We Provide

Classroom Training

Cyberdicition Classroom Training gives you hands-on, interactive learning with expert instructors. Solidify your understanding through practice exercises.

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Campus Training

The level of competition is rising daily and because of which the pressure as well. The feeling of competition is so high that even in the market place.

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Industrial Training

Who says only the people who do not have much knowledge only needs extra assistance? I say, no.

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Corporate Training

Cyber Dicition Corporate provides corporate education and custom-content training solutions to some of India's largest private, public and Government organizations .

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Courses We Serve

We prepare you for interviews and provide 100% assistance in job placement with tech companies of India

Java Language

If you are looking to become an expert web application developer or an in - demand software programmer, then Java is the language to learn, Java is free to access and can run on   all   platforms.


Python is mainly stated as high-level, general-purpose programming language, which emphasizes code readability. The syntax helps the programmers to express their concepts in few general "lines of code".

.Net Framework

.Net Framework known as dot net is a software framework, created by Microsoft that can work with many programming languages like C#, VB.NET, F#, and C++. Because of its language interoperability, it can be used to develop.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is mainly designed to enhance industrial level skill set for all Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts.The modules of the course will cover practical hands on programming sessions.

Machine learning

Machine learning is becoming over the modern data-driven world and it is a growing technology among many companies to extensively support many fields, such as robotics,self-driving cars and so on.

Data science with Python

Data science is a multidisciplinary technology in order to solve analytically complex problems and level up your data science skills by creating visualizations using matplotlib and manipulating data.

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